Our Managing Partners
Sidney Strachan
Sidney Strachan, Founder & CEO
Managing Partner - Facilitator

Regional Director of Business Development,

Certified Bahama Host Professional
P. O. Box N580
Nassau, Bahamas
M: (242)535-2399 - T: (242)698-5404
Skype: arsmousike
LinkedIn profile:http://www.linkedin.com/in/bahamas
Email: contact@grmcltd.com

Esomar Individual Member

Insights Association Individual Member

Ingrid Black
Ingrid Black, B.A. AA.,
VP Business Development
Managing Partner

Certified Bahama Host Professional
P. O. Box N580
Nassau, Bahamas
M: (242)432-7106 - T: (242)698-5404

Our Facilitators & Partners
Leon Higgs, PhD
Leon Higgs, PhD.
Facilitator - Public Speaker - Author


Leon L. Higgs was born, raised and schooled in Johnson Bay, South Andros.  He went as far as he could in the local educational system but because of limited opportunities for education, he had to leave home to further his education.


A prime example of the “local boy leaves home to make good and returns a success” story, having achieved the highest degree possible and having climbed to the top rung of the “education ladder”.


Dr. Higgs received his BA Degree from Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska, his MS degree from Northern Illinois University, and his Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska. 


He has extensive administrative and teaching experiences at both the two- and four-year college and university levels:


          --Director of Higher Education & Lifelong Learning, Ministry of Education. 

          --President of The College of The Bahamas. 

          --Director of Training, for The Bahamas Government,

             CEO of Bahamas Technical & Vocational Institute

          --Assistant General Manager of Human Resources, Water & Sewerage Corporation

          --Executive Vice President at San Bernardino Valley College in California,

          --Dean of Business & Office Administration, Riverside Community College in California

          --Divisional Chair of Business and Information Systems at Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama. 

          --Business Division Chair at the College of The Bahamas

          --Assistant Professor of Business at Loma Linda University in California.


Published author, Dr. Higgs has traveled all over the world, participating in and making presentations at conventions, workshops and conferences: United States, The Bahamas the Caribbean and Europe.

He is determined now to lend his talents, training, time and treasure to one mission:  the Economic Empowerment of his countrymen, via the GATEWAY TO A GLORIOUS FUTURE!.