We use one of the most complex methodologies to collect data from the market and reveal valuable insights to our clients about their products and services!

Our Mystery Shopping Process. How Does it Work?

1. Consultation
2. Planning
3. Implementation
4. Assessnent
5. Repeat

Mystery shopping or a mystery consumer or secret shopper, is a tool used externally by us, market research companies, watchdog organizations, or internally by companies themselves to measure quality of service, or compliance with regulation, or to gather specific information about products and services. The mystery consumer’s specific identity and purpose is generally not known by the establishment being evaluated. Mystery shoppers perform specific tasks such as purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way, and then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences.


Do you know what goes on in your business when you’re not around? Let us be your eyes and ears ensuring you that your operation is running efficiently and your brand is protected. Contact us today to see how we can help your brand! Our services include:

  • Mystery Shopping Services

  • Resort-Casino Mystery Shopping Services

  • Executive Gaming and Mystery Shopping Evaluations

  • Integrity Shopping

  • Bar Spotting

  • Competitor Shops

  • Phone Shops (recorded or unrecorded)

  • Video Shops

  • Merchandising

  • Customer Service Training –

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Advanced reporting and dashboards

Access a wide range of predefined Reports! Create scoring reports, statistical reports, excellence reports etc. All types of statistical models like NPS,

Top-Box and special formulas can be easily accessed by the client.


We can create customized  templates for Reports in Excel!  Add pictures, logos, use colors, graphs or calculations you need! Add photos or recordings to our Visit Reports.

Client’s are provided with their own personalized interface and given access to online updated data and results, anytime, anywhere!


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